Kristin Lausten

Kristin M. Lausten


Kristin maintains an active parachute trial counsel practice and regularly acts as of counsel to assist other law firms with preparing their cases for trial.  As parachute counsel, Kristin is retained in the months leading up to trial to assist with evidentiary analysis, preparation of electronic trial notebooks, trial assistance, and appellate brief writing, if necessary.  She can provide services for all components of a trial including pre-trial motions, jury instructions, direct and cross-examination outlines, post-testimony motions (limiting motions), drafting of opening/closing statements, and post-trial motions and briefing.  As parachute counsel, Kristin provides trial support to lead counsel, who generally controls the direction of trial and takes lead in jury selection and witness examinations.

In addition to providing parachute trial assistance, Kristin and her team have been retained to take complete control of a case in the months leading up to trial.  Often referred to as “rescue” counsel, this option is available for attorneys and law firms that do not have the time or resources to take a case through trial.  As rescue counsel, Kristin and her team actually conduct the trial, from voir dire through verdict.  This option allows attorneys to focus on other cases while ensuring the interests of their client are protected in trial.

Kristin maintains an active legal blog which is regularly updated with developments in the law and discussion of various legal theories.

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