What is a Succession?

A succession, is simply the process of transferring assets from someone who passed away to their legal heirs. In some …

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College Admission Law

The Real Crime: A Look at College Admissions & the Law

It’s the news story that left the internet quaking: powerful figures were charged with participating in a massive college admissions …

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Challenging a Last Will and Testament in Louisiana

Challenging a Last Will and Testament in Louisiana

How Can You Challenge a Last Will and Testament in Louisiana? Questions often arise in probate matters as to the …

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Homeowner Insurance Claims

Common Homeowner Insurance Claims

Even though you pay property insurance premiums, it is always preferable to never have to file a claim. However, if …

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property damage during mardi gras

Protect Your Property During Mardi Gras

With Mardi Gras festivities already ramping up in New Orleans and the big day happening on March 5th, people in …

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Workplace Discrimination

Workplace Discrimination: Who’s Eligible for a Lawsuit?

Our careers often become who we are, but unfortunately, if you are a member of a marginalized population, these dual …

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Failed Festivals

Failed Festivals: Who’s Responsible When the Show Doesn’t Go On?

Festival experiences can be what dreams are made of, but they can also quickly become nightmare fuel when plans start …

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Revenge Porn

Revenge Porn: My Photos Are Out There, But Is Justice?

With “selfie” earning a spot in the dictionary, the normativity of self-photography is at an all-time high. While “sexting” may …

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New Orleans Property Casual Lawyer

Do You Need Additional Property Insurance?

When you own a home and purchase homeowner’s insurance, you may sleep well at night knowing you have coverage if …

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Wildlife Damage Louisiana

Extreme Makeover: Wildlife Home Invasion Edition

There’s nothing more unsettling than knowing that an unwelcome visitor is in your home. If there was, horror movies wouldn’t …

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