Mr. Scott was very knowledgeable and was too the point in explaining my case! Looking forward to having him represent me!


Brad Scott is a wonderful attorney who helped me and my family complete the succession and probate process. He was a pleasure to work with, highly knowledgeable, and we highly recommend him.


Brad Scott is an exceptional person and attorney who deeply cares about his clients and finding the right and most cost effective solution to their legal problems. I would highly recommend Mr. Scott if you are dealing with a probate problem.


Used Brad for an issue I just couldn’t handle myself. He was very professional and always returned my calls himself. He genuinely cared about me.


Mr ford did a fantastic job in my case. I’m completely satisfied and will use if needed again. he handled my case with aggressive bill collectors.

Randal Dotson
Business Response: Thank you so much for your kind words!

A few years back I hired Samuel Ford as my attorney and although I may have been somewhat impatient throughout the process he was very patient, professional and fought vigorously to get me what I deserved. Sam was great and I can honestly say for an attorney who is fairly young he definitely proved that he was more than capable of getting the job done for me! This firm would definitely be my “go to” for legal representation!

Nicki E.

Sam Ford worked very quickly to help me out when a debt collector started contacting me about an account opened on behalf of my former employer. I was referred to Sam by a friend and he went above and beyond to make sure we had all our bases covered so that issue was resolved quickly and painlessly. I was seriously stressed about this situation and I am so thankful that I got out of it unscathed. Thank you Sam!

Mackenzie L.

My experiences with Lawyers been a leery one at best.
However I found Galen to be an exception to the the field. He has clients all over the country.
He gets all the stars from me.




Wayne Landry
Business Response: Thanks Wayne!

Lauren always finds the time to answer any questions I may have. Over the last few years I have leaned on her expertise and she has never disappointed. I highly recommend SVHC and especially the C!!

Chad RobertsBusiness Response: Thank you for the review, Chad! We appreciate your feedback.

I have used David Vicknair for all of my legal needs. He is professional and courteous and cares about his clients. I would highly recommend he and the rest of the staff at Scott, Vicknair, Hair and Checki LLC

Shane PrejeanBusiness Response: Thank you for the positive feedback, Shane!

When dealing with an attorney over extremely personal matters nothing is more important than being treated like a human being and not like the next meal ticket. I can’t speak highly enough of Lauren who really seemed to care and made sure I didn’t get lost in legal jargon. I’ve referred several people to her and they’ve all said the same thing. Can’t recommend highly enough!

josh kastonBusiness Response:Thank you for the kind words about Lauren and for recommending us, Josh! We appreciate your feedback.

This is a fantastic firm. In every experience I’ve had with them, they were both courteous and professional. I would highly recommend them.

Anthony Naquin

Have had a great experience with this group. Very professional and on top of my business. Highly recommended and happily sent several colleagues their way.

Jonathan BabinBusiness Response:We are glad to hear that, Jonathan! Thank you for your feedback and for recommending us.

Highly recommend for sound legal advice and strategy.

Anthony MoretBusiness Response:Thank you, Anthony!

SVHC truly brought light into my life, during a dark time for me. I cannot express how much gratitude I have for each and everyone of them. I was always greeted by solid answers and genuine care for my legal needs. God threw me a lifeline when I obtained their services.

kevin larsenBusiness Response:Thank you very much for the kind review, Kevin! We appreciate the feedback and are happy to help in your legal matters.

I referred a dear friend to SVHC after he unexpectedly found himself in the throes of a potentially ugly divorce. Lauren Checki was compassionate when he went in for his consultation and gave him excellent instructions on what next steps he ought to expect. I know that his situation will be better for having dealt with this firm.

Heather HeatonBusiness Response:Thank you, Heather! We appreciate your feedback.

Family issues? Look no further, Lauren is the best.

Big Easy EventsBusiness Response:Thank you! Lauren is pretty awesome.

My family and I have been actual clients of this firm and I can unequivocally say that this is a firm of sharp, honest, and excellent attorneys. They are the only firm I recommend to friends and colleagues.

BrennanBusiness Response:Thank you for the positive feedback and for recommending us, Brennan!

Nothing but the best from these guys. Responsive and worth it!

John CressendBusiness Response:Thank you for the positive review, John!

Best law firm in New Orleans. Super smart group and always thinking out of the box. There is a reason why every time I write a check to them I write in the memo line “Best Attorneys ever!!”

Kate GaarBusiness Response:Thank you for the positive feedback, Kate! We are happy to assist you in your legal matters.

I have used attorneys at SVHC in multiple business and personal matters for 6 years and am extremely satisfied. All my issues were resolved beyond my expectations. I use their attorneys with total confidence I am receiving the best representation possible. I trust my business and personal financial well being with them and would recommend this firm to anyone.

Gary BirdsallBusiness Response:We are glad to hear that, Gary! Thank you for sharing your positive feedback. We are happy to assist you in your legal matters.

SVHC takes the time to understand their clients needs and concerns. I have come to know one of the attorneys better over the last year and I have been amazed at the level of knowledge of law and genuine care while creating a success plan forward. I 100% recommend this firm.

Billy FergusonBusiness Response:Thank you very much for your feedback, Billy!

My eperience with this firm has been nothing short of exceptional. They are extremely professional and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each case. I would not trust my leagal business with anyone else!

Ryan McCannBusiness Response:Thank you very much for the positive feedback, Ryan! We are happy to hear that.

David Vicknair is one of the best young attorneys in South Louisiana. He is smart and undaunted by whatever comes his way. I recommend his firm to anyone who needs all hands on deck advocacy.

Jae DonnellyBusiness Response:Thank you, Jae! We appreciate your feedback.

Great team at SVHC! Professional and caring! A huge thank you to David and his assistant Jessica for all of your help with our case!

Christina BenjaminBusiness Response:Thank you, Christina! We are happy you have had a positive experience.

David Vicknair has been my attorney for the Past 2 years. He’s easy to get in contact with, very professional, the employees there are professional as well. They also deal with multiple different legal matters. I’ve been more than pleased with their services

permelia hartBusiness Response:Thank you, Permelia! We are happy to assist you in your legal matters.

This firm has been a great resource for me and my company in the past. I’m very confident in referring them to any of my clients

Rufus CressendBusiness Response:Thank you very much, Rufus! We appreciate the positive feedback.

David Vicknair is my go to attorney for representation in all matters of litigation.
I have referred several clients and friends to him, all of whom have been pleased, not only with the results, but also the professional manner in which he represented them.

Andrew TreutingBusiness Response:Thank you for the review and for recommending us, Andrew!

If Steve says Sarah is cool, then she’s cool in my book.

patrick driscoll

I have been with SVHC for many years now. I am very pleased with all the lawyers there that I have worked on my different legal matters. They are very profesional and extremely responsive. Highly recommend

anthony marulloBusiness Response:Thanks very much, Anthony!

I referred a dear friend to SVHC after he unexpectedly found himself in the throes of a potentially ugly divorce. Lauren Checki was compassionate when he went in for his consultation and gave him excellent instructions on what next steps he ought to expect. I know that his situation will be better for having dealt with this firm.

Heather HeatonBusiness Response:Thank you for the positive feedback, Heather!

I personally know and work with a number of the attorneys at SVHC. The firm is professional and they work hard for their clients. As a fellow attorney I am comfortable sending referrals to SVHC because I know the client will be treated well. I highly recommend this law firm.

Seth Smiley

Galen stands above the rest! He is calm under pressure, calculated, decisive and a compassionate advocate for his clients. I can’t thank Galen enough for everything he has done for my business. Meeting Galen has been a game changer. Thank you, Galen!


Scott, Vicknair, Hair & Checki represented me in a business lawsuit earlier this year. David Spinner and Galen Hair handled my case. They did a phenomenal job!! I am so impressed. I would use them for any legal need, complex or simple. They’re a sophisticated firm that is still relatable. I’ll use the again for sure.

Zachary Delerno

I have had the pleasure to work with David Vicknair on some tricky Condo Association matters. David is brilliant, well-spoken, and charismatic. But what sets him apart from his peers is his compassion for his clients. He was kind, caring, always kept me informed and gave me the advice that I needed to fit my situation.

Scott Schroth

Earlier this year I became entangled in a messy, business lawsuit. I turned to Attorneys David Spinner and Galen Hair for representation. David and Galen calmly listened to my account of the dispute, explained my legal rights, and proceeded with litigation. During the case, David and Galen constantly kept me updated, filed advanced motions on my behalf, and got me out of a real bind. I am so impressed with these guys….They fought hard for me and worked efficiently. I could not be more grateful for everything they did.

Zack Delerno

I worked with Ms. Checki and her group and they were excellent! Provided me with vital information and made the process seem very easy. Great team!

Yvonne Patterson

#SVHC is full service law firm providing clients the legal expertise and personal attention they deserve.

Sam Ford

As a lawyer and entrepreneur myself, there are only a few lawyers I would trust to sincerely, professionally, and zealously represent my best interests in any conflict and/or legal matter with which I may be involved, and Lauren Checki is one.
Lauren is thorough, knowledgeable, articulate and passionate in the representation of her clients – she excels in all of the qualities, skills and talents of an excellent attorney.


She was hired for consultation concerning a custody battle. She provided detailed and precise information for my areas of concern. She really helped to ease the burden of this very difficult issue.


Organized and attention to detail. Best possible option out there.


My consultation with Ms. Checki immediately instilled confidence. She answered all of my questions and gave me relatable examples and insights. She was also very generous with her time. I’ve talked to lawyers outside her firm and they deeply respect her work.


Lauren exceeded my expectations and ultimately we won. What more can I say… It’s pretty much the whole point.


I met with Lauren Checki to discuss the potential need for a prenuptial agreement at 8 AM on a Saturday which is nearly unheard of. My now husband is a restaurateur with multiple LLCs and owns a home. I own multiple homes with renters and 1 LLC. The protection of assets was very important especially having little knowledge of how we could be affected in a community property state. Ms. Checki was able to provide an adequate timeline for when prenuptial or even postnuptial agreements should be filed, what they could and could not include, and generally give me a well rounded education on the subject matter. With the information she provided, we were able to make calculated decisions that will impact us and our businesses for the rest of our lives. The piece of mind she provided made our bid day that much more special having all of the cards on the table like that.

Coleena Zimet

David is an excellent attorney. He sees the whole picture, while also being very cognizant of important details. He has handled personal injury cases for me, and our company has hired him on other business and collection matters as well. He is a well-rounded, sharp attorney. Highly recommend.


David is very knowledgable and professional. As a medical professional, I never look forward to situations where representation is necessary. However, David has provided information, encouragement, and most applicably the legal counsel necessary to get through a difficult period of my career. I will not hesitate to contact David in the future if the necessary situation arises.


We live in Texas and had a problem with a service provider with our home in Louisiana. Galen Hair called me back and not an assistant was a great start. My husband’s schedule is difficult and he worked around our time and the July 4th weekend. He answered my questions and I felt ready to deal with the service provider. Everything finally worked itself out because the service provider looked up Galen Hair, knew we meant business and heard he was good. We still have that home in Louisiana and if ANYTHING should come up in the future, Galen Hair will be the first person I’m calling.


Luck is defined as when preparation meets opportunity. Outsiders may see David as lucky; I however know that he creates his own luck by being the most prepared on the battlefield to capitalize on all opportunities. He was better prepared than the experts fighting against us simply because he is hungry and accepts nothing but his best.
He is honest, loyal, and most importantly is willing to fight for your best interest.
I would gladly hire David in the future as well as recommend him to anyone that wants the best fighting for them.


In the pantheon of lawyers David Vicknair stands alone. The following is a story of growth and development. I own a construction company. The fact that I am as successful as I am is thanks in part to David’s expertise in navigating the turbulent seas of construction and workers comp law. It seems like only yesterday, I found myself clearly in the sights of an overly litigious migrant worker. An injury was faked, a claim was made, and I had no hope. I called David upon the instance of an old friend. By his careful hand, we negotiated our way to a resolution that the company was able to stomach financially and that the “philistine” graciously accepted as recompense for the alleged wrong that he had conjured. All this is history now, merely a memory of a storm we weathered together and a when the sun finally broke the horizon, opportunity was again rife, skies were again clear. David’s representation has allowed the company to grow while being protected from unnecessary liability. I would recommend to anyone in the construction world to entrust the legal aspect of their enterprise with Mr. Vicknair. I have long since relinquished what little control I did have over the legal/contractual matters of my company and now I can focus more on the bottom line. In summation I can only say what I know is true, to all ye who have gone adrift and are desperately in need of legal guidance, you will find in David a person who can return you to safe harbor.


I was used Ms. . Checki for my child support / child custody case . She was helped me through a rough time I was going through . She was thoughtful ,understanding ,patient ,and kind . She helped me understand everything that was going on step by step . I was never left out the loop . I am very thankful for her.


Mrs. Checki helped me get through a very difficult time with my child’s father. She was extremely understanding, patient, and trustworthy. She went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and understand what was going on! I would absolutely recommend her services.


Galen has proven his mettle negotiating our debt collection issues over time, and has settled almost everything pre-litigation. I have no qualms recommending to others.


I retained Lauren’s services for a child support/custody issue I was having with my son’s father. Over the years we have gone back and forth to court several times and have never been able to come to amicable agreements. Lauren was kind, patient, and knowledgeable in our situation. She took the time to work with me on stressful and difficult issues, and used her knowledge to successfully negotiate several important points in our case. Thanks to her, we now have an agreement everyone can live with. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.


Ms. Checki represented me in court in dealing with irresponsible landlords. She was absolutely fantastic. Not only did she truly listen, she went above and beyond in her representation. She kept me aware of every step along the way with what she was doing, and what I should expect. I highly recommend Ms. Checki to anyone who might need representation.


Galen handled FDCPA lawsuits for the debt purchasing and collection agency I worked for. I was his primary contact at our office regarding these matters and interacted with him on a weekly, sometimes daily basis for the past 3 years. Galen is very knowledgeable on every aspect of the FDCPA and is a skilled negotiator. When asked questions, he always gave options and took the time to explain the law and reasoning behind his recommendation. I would also occasionally request legal advice on personal matters and Galen was always willing to offer a recommendation and point me in the right direction.


Galen Hair has been instrumental in consulting my small but growing business on myriad legal issues ranging from contracts to intellectual property. While Galen is incredibly knowledgable, he’s willing to refer you to other resources if a topic falls outside of his specialties — a quality that is rare in most lawyers I’ve met with. If you’re looking for a courteous and professional lawyer with a range of skills, you won’t go wrong with Galen.


Mr. Hair quickly and efficiently resolved a contract issue that arose in our small business a little over a year ago. From start to finish, he was very attentive to our needs and objectives. Mr. Hair is a sharp attorney and we will certainly be using him again.


Galen Hair was an excellent lawyer on my case. His research was thorough and extensive. We went to court well-prepared to fight the battle. He spent considerable time preparing me prior to the court date so that I would know what to expect when placed on the stand. After we won the case, he set up a manageable payment plan with me so that I could pay off the well-earned fees without breaking the bank. He is always willing to provide me extra information or consultation that I may need. I am sure to recommend everyone I know to him so that they are comfortable knowing that their lawyer is working hard for the case.


He has been helping me with a sensitive employment discrimination issue. He is responsive. He always answers the phone or has someone call me back. His partners are nice too. When I came to him, I didn’t even know if I could sue. Now we have a federal lawsuit and he emails me every time something new happens to let me know. I would reccomend him to anyone.


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